What we do


Ever since 1981, Dipesh Engineering Works has been designing, manufacturing and supplying coded process equipment, skids and plants for global customers.Our product portfolio include:

  1. Coded Reaction Vessels including Reactors with Agitators, C-GMP Reactors, Normal Reactors, Cladded Reactors, Exotic Reactor and Reaction cum Distillation System
  2. Special Fabricated Equipment such as Distillation Columns, Pressure Vessels, Lime / Sand Filters, Nutch Filter, Stack / Chimney, Scrubbers, API Tanks, Silos and Special Equipment
  3. Coded Static & Rotary Process Equipment including Rotocone Vacuum Dryer, Rotary Vacuum Paddle Dryer, Sperical Paddle Chopper Dryer, Conical Screw Dryer, Conical Screw Mixer, Co – axial Mixers, Ribbon Blender and Agitated Nutch Filter
  4. Value-added Thermal Engineered Equipment & Systems such as Shell & Tube Heat Exchangers, Double Pipe, Hair Pin, Finned Type, Special Heat Exchangers, Spiral Type and Evaporators/Falling Film Exchangers.
  5. Power Plant Equipment and Systems including Cooling water lines, Pressure piping, Condensate polishing equipment, De-aerators and Fuel skids.
  6. Aerospace Composite Plants including Autoclave systems, Hydrogenerators, Autoclaves with Agitators, Catalyst Preparation System and Catalyst Recovery System
  7. Turnkey Process Skids, Systems and Plants.

Dipesh has strong reputation of being one of the most experienced and specialized groups having proven experience for manufacturing high-performance equipment for public and private sectors in addition to overseas customers.Our products are in service in various sectors such as Chemical, Petrochemicals, Oil& Gas, Pharmaceuticals, Pesticides, Paints & Dye Intermediates, Aviation, Power, Nuclear, Steel among others.