Dipesh Engineering Works designs, manufactures and supplies standard-based process equipment, skids, systems, plants and process engineering solutions that help you improve your production targets, year-on-year.

For Dipesh Engineering Works, your success is more than mere statistics. It is steered by our passion for excellence. We are committed to the design, manufacture and delivery of perfect product for you application. We believe in designing and manufacturing standards-based equipment that perform for a long time. We build long term business relationships with our customers that are based on mutual goals, ethical business

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practices and the single minded pursuit of delivering the extraordinary.

Quality Driven

Dipesh enjoys reputation of supplying high-quality equipment in the process industry space. Our quality standards meet international Codes & Standards including ASME/TEMA/PED 5500/API 620/API 650/DIN/EEUA Handbook  and EJMA.

Customer Focused

For Dipesh, every customer, small or big, deserves the same quality of attention and focus. We go out of our way to understand customer’s concerns and deliver accordingly. We walk that extra mile to make sure that our customer do not suffer.

On Time Delivery

Delay in equipment delivery is rampant in our industry and could be a show-stopper for the customer. At Dipesh, we understand this. We pull all stops to

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push the delivery to make sure that customer’s project is

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not derailed.

Competitive Costing

We know the pricing of equipment, skids and plants must be viable for our customers. Therefore, we deliver what is robust and effective without gold-plating our solutions. After all, if our client succeed then we are successful.

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