Our Edge


  • There are many things people consider as their edge such as their ability to design, fabricate, quality, deliver on-time and on-budget,and so on. Dipesh does all this and more. But, for us our real edge, in one word, is TRUST. Trust we enjoy of our customers, suppliers, employees and technology partners.  It is this trust that encourages us to deliver complex assignments with aggressive timelines and be cost competitive. It is this trust that made us what we are today.
  • Time and again, our customers have reposed their faith and confidence in us by providing us repeat business. And every time, they have raised the bar in terms of expectations. Suppliers prioritize our material over others to ensure that we do not face any delays. Our employees put their best forward and walk the extra mile to get the job done. Because of these factors, we can guarantee timely delivery, quality and quantity.
  • No assignment is too small or too big for us. Given the versatility of our facilities and technologies, and the ingenuity of our engineers, we can deliver. We leave no stone unturned in our pursuit to deliver value to our clients. Whether it is technical upgradation, tie-ups with global suppliers or expanding our scope of deliverables, we are always on a lookout to get the best for our customers. By participating in global trade fairs, engaging technology providers and continuous learning, we try to keep one step ahead of our competition. So that our customers can stay ahead in their game.