Manufacturing Capabilities

Manufacturing Capabilities

Dipesh has invested heavily in the infrastructure and machinery required to manufacture various equipment.
Because, we strongly believe in our own in-house capacity to cater to customers at all times, quickly. Our four factories are a testament to that belief.

Whether it is manufacturing and supply of specialized and proprietary equipment such as dryers, mixers or heat exchangers for chemical industry, or creating GMP equipment for pharmaceutical, bio-processing and other hygiene sectors, our products have won wide appreciation.

Our custom fabrications are built to world-class standards. We have in-house capability to design and supply equipment that are:

  • up to 6000 mm in diameter and 30 meters in length,
  • or tall columns of up to 56 meters in height,
  • or shell thickness of up to 80 mm,
  • or pressures ranging from full vacuum to 130 Kg/cm2(g)

Our manufacturing capabilities consist of:

  • 14,000+ square meters covered area with concrete flooring
  • Bays up to 15 meters height below hook x 115 meters in length
  • 130 tons lifting capacity
  • 5 plate bending machines with capability of bending up to 55 mm
  • 75 mm thickness of shell handled
  • 128 Barg heat exchanger pressure handled
  • 5 dish-end pressing with capability of pressing up to 55 mm
  • SAW/TIG /SMAW/FCAW welding capabilities
  • Machining and drilling facilities
  • Mechanical and electro-chemical polishing facilities
  • Non-destructive testing capability
  • Liquid penetrant testing
  • Magnetic particle inspection
  • Ultrasonic thickness gauging
  • Paint thickness measurement