Design Engineering

Design Engineering

Few companies in the fabrication industry have a dedicated design engineering function. Even fewer have the capability to design complex process equipment, skids and plants. At Dipesh, our customers benefit from our ability to anticipate challenges and deep knowledge of end-use.

Design comes to life using our state-of-the-art software.

Our 35-people strong in-house design team is dedicated to each of our customers’ specific requirements. Our qualified engineers accomplish complex design calculations by strictly complying to the requisite international Codes & Standards including ASME/TEMA/PED 5500/API 620/API 650/DIN/EEUA Handbook/EJMA.

Our experienced team undertakes design of complex parts, mechanisms and generate fabrication drawings to scale along with weights and estimates based on customer’s specifications. They perform mechanical and thermal designing and detailing. These designs are optimized to arrive at a optimal size.

Our software also generates fabrication drawings to scale and 3-D images of the equipment thereby giving us warning of any foul-up / miss-match in nozzles, RFPads and in the dimensions of various components.

Some of the design software we use include:

  • Micro – Protol (EU Research)
  • PV – Elite
  • Code Calc
  • E Tank
  • HTRI (Member of HTRI )
  • Auto cad
  • Siemens Solid Edge ST 3D Simulation
  • FeMAP
  • Ansys
  • Aspen One