At Dipesh Engineering Works, we specialize in designing and supplying coded Hydrogenators with highly efficient impellers and overall agitators for gas liquid reactions in aggressive services.

Our impellers are ideal for reaction such as:

Hydrogenation, Oxidation, Ethoxylation, Phosgenation, Chlorination, Ammonolusis, Carbonation, Bromination, Sulphonation & Fluorination.


  • Through our designs, we ensure that during rotation of the impeller, a vacuum is created at the tip due to venturi action. This vacuum overcomes the liquid heat. Fresh or unreacted gases from the vessel upper crest re-circulate into the liquid/slurry through the hollow shaft.
  • Higher gas flow rates and finer bubbles sizes impart a very high gas-liquid interfacial area. A unique flow pattern provides desired movement of the catalyst and excellent contact of the gases with the catalyst or solids.

Gas-Induction Reactor

  • Client: M/s. Jubilant Organosys Ltd.
  • Material of Construction: SA240Gr.316
  • Third Party Inspection : LRA
  • Specialty :-
    • A 5 KL Working Capacity SS316 Hydrogenator, having specially designed Gas Recirculation Agitator with Dual Internal Cooling coil with Jacket on the Vessel.
    • Coupled with high pressure in the Vessel along with Agitator rotating at very high speeds (approx. 300 rpm), setting up mechanical sealing arrangement was the biggest challenge in the design and the manufacturing of the Vessel.
    • In consultation with the seal manufacturer in India, we designed a unique in-house double mechanical seal with a forced lubrication system to withstand high pressure and temperature.
    • This Eqpt Lived to the best Standards including Service support and we have supplied two more in last two years.

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