Distillation Column for M/S. Lanxess

Track to have designed and supplied wide shapes, sizes and applications of Tall Columns and Process equipment, including

  • Distillation columns
  • Absorption towers
  • DO Towers
  • Scrubbers with stacks
  • Stacks
  • Venturi Stacks
  • Columns for Lethal Applications.
  • High Pressure Columns.
  • Columns for monomer and Polymer applications.
  • Columns for Reactions.

We offer support from Selection of materials, Mechanical Designs, Rigging analysis, Wind, Seismic and Structural Stability.

One of our 52 m tall distillation Column of 157 tons was delivered in just 3 months from design finalization and exported to a petrochemical Facility in Singapore.

M/s.Gujrat Flurochemicals Pvt. Ltd

Client: M/s.Gujrat Flurochemicals Pvt. Ltd

Material: SA516Gr.70

Erection weight:

Service: Distillation

Quantity: 11 nos. (various sizes)

Length: 48 metres

Exported to Singapore

Exported to: Singapore

Material: SA516 Gr. 70

Erection weight: 157 Tons

Service: Distillation

Quantity: 1

Length: 52 metres


Aditya Birla Petrochemical Ltd.

Client: Aditya Birla Petrochemical Ltd.

Material: SS316

Erection weight:

Service: Distillation

Quantity: 3 nos. (various sizes)

Length: 45 metres


Alloy 20 Distillation Column


Material: SS316L & Alloy 20

Erection weight:

Service: Distillation

Length: 28 metres

TPI: LRAJacobs Engineering Pvt. Ltd.

M/s.Manali Petrochemical Ltd.

Client: M/s.Manali Petrochemical Ltd.

Material: SS316Ti

Erection weight:

Service: Distillation

Quantity: 3 nos.



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